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- America's Most Beautiful City -
Learn About Savannah

Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia established in 1733.Savannah became the first state capital of Georgia which was later changed to Atlanta. A strategic port city, the third-largest metropolitan area in Georgia and the destiation for millions of visitors every year.

Visitors come for:

  1. The Historic Architecture, the downtown area is a Historic Landmark

  2. The Birth Place of Juliette Low, founder of the Girl Scouts

  3. The Savannah College of Art and Design

  4. The 22 squares made famous by movies including Forest Gump

  5. The Savannah Music Fesival

  6. St. Patrick's Day Weekend

  7. Tybee Island Savannah's Beach Retreats

  8. One of the many conferences or conventions hosted on Hutchinson Island which is surrounded by the Savannah River


There are Lots of great things to do in Savannah

More about Savannah

On top of the Port of Savannah, Major Companies that have hubs in Savannah include International Paper (Formerly Union Camp), Gulfsteam Aerospace, Title Max, Mitzubishi Power Systems and there are two military basis with in the great Savannah area.


A few Famous Names affiliated with Savannah:

Clarence Thomas: Supreme Court Justice

Johnny Mercer: 19 Academy Award Nominations

Paula Deen: Restaurateur and TV Host

John Wesley: Early leader of the Methodist Movement

Eli Whitney: Inventor of the modern Cotton Gin


Check out the Parks and Squares

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